Assistance with Temporary Medical Accommodations

  • A temporary health condition may arise from injury, surgery or a short-term medical condition, such as pregnancy or a broken wrist. Unlike accommodations for ongoing disability conditions, accommodations for temporary medical conditions are not required to be provided by disability law, with the exception of pregnant and parenting. Temporary accommodations are provided as a courtesy service of the university.

    Students with temporary impairments seeking assistance from Accessibility Resources must submit documentation (letter from physician or medical documents), addressing the type of condition, limitations, prognosis, and estimated duration. Additionally, the student should contact all instructors to discuss means of completing class requirements and exams during the period of the condition.

    To find out more information about services for temporary conditions or to schedule an appointment, contact the Accessibility Resources office.




    If you are unable to complete this form due to your disability, please contact the Director of Accessibility Resources and assistance will be arranged.

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