Accessibility Resources Sign Language Interpreter

  • Interpreting Services
    Sign Language Interpreters may be provided to you if you request and demonstrate a need for interpreter services and will the benefit from such a service. In order to receive interpreting services you must be registered with MSUM Accessibility Resources.

    Priority of Services
    Requests will be covered according to the following priorities:

    1. Classroom lectures
    2. Classroom labs
    3. Class required activities
    4. Student/instructor meetings
    5. Associated student sponsored activities
    6. Approved campus activities

    Special requests for services, i.e. those not listed on your class schedule, should be made as soon as possible, preferably 72 hours in advance.

    Interpreter No Shows
    If an interpreter does not show for a scheduled assignment, please notify Accessibility Resources as soon as possible.

    Student No Shows
    Please notify Accessibility Resources 24 hours in advance, when possible, if you will not be attending class.

    If you do not show up for class; the interpreter will wait five minutes for each half hour the class is scheduled to run.

    Cancellation of Services
    If you are absent from class for three class sessions in a row, without notifying Accessibility Resources, services may be suspended. In order to reinstate interpreter services, you will need to meet with the Director of Accessibility Resources. If you continue to be absent without notification, service may be discontinued.

    Procedures for Requesting Interpreter Services
    Interpreter requests, for additional interpreting outside of regularly scheduled classes and labs, should be made 72 hours in advance via the Service Request Form below. Last minute and emergency requests will be filled if possible. However, there may be occasions when this is not possible because the needs of students in classrooms are a priority.

    Request Sign Language Interpreter

  • Service Request Form

    For additional support outside of regularly scheduled services.

    All official University business will be conducted via email accounts. It is essential that you access, read and use your account.

    Service Requested:


    If you are unable to complete this form due to your disability, please contact the Director of Accessibility Resources and assistance will be arranged.

    Please allow time for your submission to process after you click "Submit Form". This will prevent multiple submission from being made.