Program Development

MSUM currently offers 25 online degree and certificate programs. Programs are encouraged to engage with the Office of Online Learning to complete an incentivized instructional design process. This process is consensus-driven, encourages programs to offer content in ways that are clear, consistent and navigable for students and facilitated by an instructional designer.

Start the Conversation

To maintain adequate resources, the Office of Online Learning manages a roster of programs and certificate initiatives. Faculty are encouraged to speak with departments and deans about proposing the development (or redesign) of online programs. College deans will then contact the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Robert Nava, to determine the viability of developing or redesigning online programs.

Instructional Design Process

Design or redesign process will begin with a dialog between program faculty and instructional design staff to establish direction, needs, and priorities of the program as well as common design practices that will best accommodate student learning in all program courses. A course inventory will be used to create a timeline and path forward as individual faculty work with an instructional design staff to design and develop courses that align with qualities agreed upon by all faculty involved. Incentivization will be awarded per course at the time an individual course revision is considered complete.

Earn EDDs

Beyond creating cohesive, student-centered courses and partnering with instructional designers, faculty are incentivized by earning EDDs for their extraordinary effort. Programs may earn four EDDs per core course (up to 10 courses) that is developed or re-designed in collaboration with the Office of Online Learning. EDDs are shared amongst faculty and awarded once a course is complete.