Request a Tutor

In addition to a wide range of drop-in options, you can request a one-time or weekly recurring meeting with a tutor for a variety of subjects. Tutors are assigned on a first come first served basis and are also based on your availability and the availability of the tutor. Please note that if you have limited hours available for tutoring it may be difficult to match you with a tutor. Please submit the form for each course you would like a tutor.

You can expect a schedule confirmation and appointment within 3 days of submitting your request.

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How often do you want to schedule a one-hour session with a tutor?

All tutor requests are subject to tutor availability. To increase chances of matching with a tutor, please select 6 hours or more availability.

Available time for tutoring:*

Once your request is submitted, you will receive a response within 3 business days. Please remember that requests are not guaranteed and are subject to course and tutor availability.
  • Tutee must have access to technology compatible Zoom to attend sessions.
  • Agree to attend scheduled sessions via Zoom.
  • Identify problem areas that need clarification before each tutoring session.
  • Attend regularly scheduled classes and tutoring sessions.
  • Provide my tutor with a copy of the syllabus if requested.
  • Notify the Academic Assistant Program at and your tutor if you cannot make a session or if you no longer need tutoring.
  • Abide by the Student/Tutor Guidelines that will be provided upon confirming your session.