Advising Systems & Tools

The Academic Success Center provides a variety of systems and tools to support faculty working with students academic advising and registration.

MSUM’s in-house designed and built system that provides a space for advisors to track advisee meetings, communications, and view student information including Academic Success Center tutoring visits. Additionally, it is used to proactively identify at-risk students in order to provide outreach and connection to resources.

The Advising Roadmap is a comprehensive resource for advisors as they work to build relationships with and holistically support their advisees throughout their time at MSUM. Under each year, there are key topics that can be used for discussion and student guidance during advising meetings. The information in this guide connects with both College to Career Major Maps and Student Life Pathways. Note, not all students attend MSUM for four years, but the information within each year can be adapted as needed to meet student needs at any stage.

MSUM’s online registration service, an integrated student record system maintained by the Minnesota State system.

Graduation Planner allows faculty/advisors and students to create personalized plans from the audit that identify the courses the student needs to take each term to satisfy their academic program requirements to stay on track for graduation. Schedule Builder is a tool that students can use to create a schedule based on classes from their plan.

  • Referring students of concern – if you are concerned for one of your students and would like to connect them to support staff and resources, you can use one of the following:
    • Concerns about student wellbeing: Contact the MSUM CARE Team
      • Reasons for Referral examples: suicide ideation, depression, substance abuse, disruptive behavior in class, making violent statements, feeling threatened by a student, and concerns for a student's welfare.
      • Resources for Students
      • Questions about referral to this team? Contact Dean of Students
    • Concerns about student academic performance: Submit an Advising and Early Alert Concern
      • Reasons for Referral examples: attendance concerns, deficient test or assignment grade, at risk of failing the course
      • Questions about referral to this system? Contact Loren Baranko Faught
  • NACADA core competencies
  • Example Advising Philosophies
  • Assessing Advising (coming soon)
  • Advising Approaches