Philosophy Learning Opportunities

At Minnesota State University Moorhead, we value real-world experience just as much as learning in the classroom. Whether you’re interested in conducting research with faculty or pursing your own ideas, joining a student organization or attending faculty colloquiums, you’re able to enhance your experience in a way that’ll best prepare you for the future.

Phi Sigma Tau is the International Honor Society in Philosophy. Students are inducted each spring.

Hear from your Philosophy professors as they delve into subjects of their research and academic interest during the MSUM Department of Philosophy Colloquium Series.

Recent colloquium subjects include:

  • Variations on the Golden Rule: World Religions in Complementary Ethical Perspective
  • Sudden Enlightenment as Revolutionary Enlightenment
  • Why Infant and Toddler Autonomy Matters and What it Means for Caregivers
  • Less than 100%: A Consideration of Mediocrity
  • Defining Art/Defining an Art: Two Case Studies
  • Seduction and the Seductive: A Conceptual Analysis

Upcoming Colloquium Events

Philosophy for Children is a fun, exciting way to engage students in critical thinking and reasoning about philosophical questions through the discussion of stories, pictures, short videos and other activities. Students learn to think in reflective ways about concepts and ideas, which develops their reasoning skills and ability to articulate their ideas. At the same time, students learn and practice the important life skills of listening to, understanding and taking seriously the positions and ideas of others. Students and teachers who participate in Philosophy for Children report development in students' cognitive, social and emotional skills.

MSUM proudly offers Philosophy for Children as the National Association of State Boards of Education issued a policy update in April 2018 recommending that all K-12 teachers have training in philosophy.

Philosophy for Children Workshop

Located in MacLean Hall 279, this room is a great location for you to collaborate with your peers for research and classes, discuss philosophical ideas, make connections and make use of a large library of books.

MSU Moorhead’s Student Academic Conference (SAC) provides an opportunity for student researchers to present their work to faculty, administration, peers and the community in a formal academic setting each April. You’ll have the chance to present your hard work in a variety of ways—panel discussions, workshops, multimedia presentations, displays and demonstrations—and gather constructive feedback to help you better analyze and continue exploration.