Minnesota State Paralegal Association Moorhead (MSPAM)

The Minnesota State Paralegal Association Moorhead (MSPAM) is open to all MSUM declared paralegal majors. Our goal is to develop lasting friendships, professional relationships, and positive leadership skills. MSPAM:

  • Provides a monthly venue for the common objectives of paralegal students
  • Enhances interest and enthusiasm for the career
  • Sponsors a forum for speakers and programs
  • Networks with the legal profession outside the university
  • Increases leadership skills through university and community service projects
  • Plans social activities to nurture peer and faculty relationships

MSPAM engages in fundraising projects throughout the year, with funds used primarily for student-member scholarships. Recent projects: Sweatshirt and T-shirt sales, car washes, raffles, concession stands and others.

MSPAM’s excellent record of community service includes clothing, toy, and food drives; transporting groceries for the food bank; sponsoring an immigrant family at Christmas time; and visiting area nursing home residents.

MSPAM Structure

The association has several committees that are active in carrying out various projects. Monthly meetings may include speakers from the legal community who share information on job searches and other matters, or campus speakers who provide guidance on resumes and job interviewing skills.

  • One MSPAM member is elected to be a liaison with the Red River Valley Paralegal Association, and one to be a liaison with the Minnesota Paralegal Association.
  • Social events include pizza parties, rock-and-bowl, holiday parties and a spring banquet.

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