Paralegal Internships

The practical, hands-on immersion into the field of paralegal reinforces a commitment to the profession and helps students narrow a career path. These networking contacts are invaluable for students seeking a permanent position after graduation. Each year, several of about a dozen paralegal graduates pursue law school at the University of Minnesota and University of North Dakota, among others.

All paralegal students are required to complete an internship prior to graduation. The internship is designed to acquaint you with the actual practice of law by working as a paralegal under the supervision of an attorney. You will gain experience by applying knowledge from prior classroom training, and the law office will gain an eager worker.

The objectives of the internship experience are:

  • To work under the supervision of a licensed attorney and with others in a law office or agency setting.
  • To apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom, and to develop new skills by being involved in actual cases and projects.
  • To provide the student with important contact with the legal community which may lead to career opportunities.

Internship meetings are mandatory before permission is given to register for the internship course.

These meetings are held during the first few weeks of the each semester. The purpose is to explain the requirements and process of the internship.

Brent Jaenicke, Class of 2011 | Interned at U.S. District Court | Attending University of North Dakota Law School

“I was very well prepared for my internship. The attorneys immediately put me in a situation where I was researching complex topics of law and writing briefs. In some instances the attorneys didn’t want a written brief, but rather wanted a verbal presentation of my findings. My internship solidified my desire to go to law school and showed me that I would love practicing law. The program prepared me very well for law school. Several of the U.S. attorneys commented on the high quality their interns. I am proud to be a part of the paralegal department at MSUM. One of the attorneys commented on the fact that the three top students in her class at UND Law were graduates from our program.”

Amy Schutt, Class of 2010 | Interned at Kennelly & O’Keefe | Attending University of Minnesota Law School

“I was looking for a program that would prepare me for law school, but I wasn’t 100% certain about that path. MSUM’s paralegal major is a four-year program approved by the American Bar Association. If I decided that I didn’t want to pursue law school, I still had a four-year degree that would land me a career in the field I wanted.”

Lou Ann Lee | Supervisory Paralegal Specialist | United States Attorney's Office

“The North Dakota United States Attorney’s office has several MSUM graduates as full-time employees and has offered internships for MSUM students. The MSUM paralegal interns have exceptional research and writing skills and are eager to accept any project, whether related to civil or criminal work, that any of our Assistant U.S. States Attorneys present to them. Several of the paralegal interns have continued their internship with our office for additional weeks to gain even more experience and exposure than is required for their MSUM degree. We would definitely seek out some of the individuals we have had intern in our office if openings were available.”

After your internship is completed, your supervising attorney will be asked to complete an information form, which will be sent out by the faculty internship coordinator.

Supervising Attorney Information [PDF]*

*This information is for the supervising attorney.