Film Studies Graduate Careers

Where Alumni Work

MSUM Film Studies alumni prove invaluable to organizations they work with throughout their careers. They’ve worked in multiple facets of the film industry as script readers, executives for television programming, and even as the personal assistant to William Shatner. Film Studies alumni have started their own film festivals and community programming, and produce their own podcasts, in addition to working for some of the top museums and studios in the nation.

  • Director of film/video, Wexner Center for the Arts
  • Entertainment coordinator, NBC Universal
  • Executive director, Fargo Theatre
  • Executive director, Fargo Film Festival
  • Scheduling coordinator, Prairie Public Television
  • Producer, South Dakota Film Festival
  • Associate professor, Concordia College
  • Associate instructor, Indiana University Media School
  • Producer, HTK Marketing
  • Assistant manager and curator, North Portland Unknown Film Festival
  • Programming assistant, Twin Cities Film Fest