East Asian Studies Learning Opportunities

At MSUM we’re committed to providing you the best opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills throughout your entire university career. As an East Asian Studies major, you’ll be able to explore your passion for language and culture through our many student organizations, can or gain firsthand experience by studying abroad in China or Japan.

MSUM’s Asian Multicultural Organization strives to experience and examine the Asian identity through discussion, interaction and introspection, and to promote ethnic and cultural awareness in appreciation of the diversity that exists within MSUM.  

Chinese Club is made up of a diverse group of students committed to learning about and promoting East Asian Studies, Chinese language and culture. As part of this group, you’ll get the chance to interact with students of all majors, as well as students who are natives of East Asian countries like China, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam, to name a few.

Chinese Club welcomes community members to attend all events sponsored by the organization, including the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese New Year celebration, and various other cultural events. Experience traditional Chinese food, learn the language and more.  

Japan Club is a student group committed to learning about and promoting Japanese language and culture.

Learn about Korean culture, language, cuisine and more by joining Korea Club. The organization meets once weekly and showcases various aspects of Korean culture by hosting Korea Night each year.  MSUMKoreaClub

MSU Moorhead’s Student Academic Conference (SAC) provides an opportunity for student researchers to present their work to faculty, administration, peers and the community in a formal academic setting each April. You’ll have the chance to present your hard work in a variety of ways—panel discussions, workshops, multimedia presentations, displays and demonstrations—and gather constructive feedback to help you better analyze and continue exploration.

As an East Asian Studies major, you’re strongly encouraged to study abroad. MSUM has exchange programs at Nankai University in China; and Kanda University, Nagoya Gakuin University, Kanto Gaukin University, Ritsumeikan Asian Pacific University and Tsuda College, all in Japan. For more information, contact Dr. Takanori Mita.