Biology Facilities

The Biosciences Department has dedicated labs for student teaching that are associated with courses such as human anatomy, physiology, molecular biology, genetics, botany, wildlife ecology, microbiology, cell culture and more. In addition, faculty members have their own labs where they conduct research and mentor students. Areas of current research:

  • Genes responsible for photosynthesis in corn
  • Soil microbiome and landscape genetics
  • Yeast fermentation, endocrine disruptors
  • Population biology
  • Embryonic development of mammalian brains using the mouse model
  • Emotional impact of cadaver dissection, endocrine disruptors
  • Science of pedagogy, prairie nutrient network ecology
  • Behavioral ecology of fish
  • Immunobiology, cell culture and fungal pathogens of mammal lungs using the mouse model
  • Geospatial modeling, bird ecology, epidemiology
  • Aquaponics, plant cell wall

You will have the opportunity to learn and research in a variety of sophisticated labs that boast essential tools and faculty expertise that will teach you how to be a scientist. Our facilities include:

  • Extensive aquatic research laboratory facility
  • Repositories of reference materials in a regional herbarium
  • Modern greenhouse and growth chambers
  • State-of-the-art research labs for anatomy, physiology, ecology, genetics, neurobiology, microbiology, biochemstiry and biotechnology

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