Certificate in Publishing

The Certificate in Publishing at Minnesota State University Moorhead is a joint venture among the Departments of English and the School of Communication and Journalism, the goal of the Certificate in Publishing is to introduce students to the publishing industry through writing and editing experiences.

The Certificate in Publishing is offered with a unique relationship between New Rivers Press and Minnesota State University Moorhead. As a nonprofit literary press, New Rivers Press has a dual mission: publish new and emerging authors of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, while providing an academic learning opportunity for students.

The Participants experience aspects of small press publishing through hands-on practice in the writing, production, and marketing processes unique to small press publishers. Students copy, edit, prepare for production, and create multimedia publicity for six new literary books published annually by New Rivers Press. A required daylong field trip to multiple publishing facilities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area provides exposure to a broader community in the publishing field.

The Students successfully completing the Certificate in Publishing will gain understanding about the business of publishing—design and print production, ethics and legal considerations, copy-editing, marketing, and publicity—and will be credited in the publication of a real book. The Certificate offers a rare opportunity to enter the publishing industry with hands-on experience in a real-world setting.

Certificate in Publishing Requirements

Publishing Certificate Program Report