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Fall 2022 Audition Info For all Jazz/Commercial Groups (Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, Commercial Ensemble, Fuego Tropical)


Auditions will be held Tues. Aug. 23rd 7-9pm in Room 147 (first come-first served).  Your audition will consist of the following:

  • A brief pop or rock piece (no more than 2 minutes) of your choice. Please bring an accompaniment track if you have one.
  • The first verse and chorus of Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered”.

Rhythm Section (Guitar/Piano/Bass/Drums)

Auditions will be held Wed, Aug. 24th at 7-9pm (first come-first served) in Room 147.  The audition material will consist of:

  • A brief jazz swing excerpt, which can be found here:
    • All AS Jazz Etude Set2.pdf - Google Drive
    • Scroll down until you see the part for your instrument. You’ll only need to play the first 16 measures.  (Pianists:  play stylistically appropriate rhythms where there are whole notes.)
  • The first 32 bars of “Signed, Sealed and Delivered,” which can be found here: Signed Sealed Delivered - Rhythm Section Parts
    • A representative recording to help you can be found here: Signed Sealed Delivered - Video
    • Pianists: There is no separate piano part, just use the guitar part and imitate what you hear on the recording.

 Horn Players

Auditions will be held during class time (Tuesday-Thursday 3:00-4:15) in Dr. Strait’s office (CA 141).  There will be a sign-up sheet posted outside the door beforehand where you can sign up for a specific slot.

  • Play a chromatic scale over the range of your instrument in a legato fashion (it doesn’t have to be fast!)
  • Go to the following website and select the etude for your specific instrument: All AS Jazz Etude Set2.pdf - Google Drive  (You only need to play measures 1-16.)

Contact Dr. Strait with any questions:

Wind Ensemble Auditions

There isn't a formal audition to participate in Wind Ensemble, but all new members are asked to play individually for Dr. Druffel during the first week of class. This is optional for returning members.

Music for those needing to play will be available at the first meeting of Wind Ensemble. Players will also have to play at least one scale of their choice and a sight-reading excerpt.

A schedule for meeting sign-ups will also come out at the first meeting.

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