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Jazz Ensemble Auditions

Auditions for Jazz Ensemble are held each fall during the first week of classes (detailed info below). Auditions in the spring are held only on an as-needed basis.

Fall 2020 Audition Info

The first rehearsal will be held on Tuesday, September 1 at 3:00pm. NOTE: Students are able to register for the course before the audition; however, if you're registered but don't ultimately make it into the ensemble, be sure to drop the course by Friday, August 28.

Horns (saxophone/trumpet/trombone)

Horn players can audition on EITHER Tuesday August 25 or Thursday August 27, between 3:00 and 4:30pm in Hansen Theatre in the Center for the Arts.  Individual auditions will take approximately 5 minutes, and will be on a first-come/first-served basis. The audition will consist of:

Rhythm Section (piano/guitar/bass/drums)


Wind Ensemble Auditions

Auditions will be conducted during the first week of classes. Signup information is below. Our first meeting (mandatory!) will be via Zoom on Monday August 24 at 3pm. Assuming you're registered for the course, you'll get an email invitation just before 3pm (it will be sent to your MSUM email).  We obviously won't play, but I'll discuss how the semester will work, COVID protocols, etc. The first regular rehearsal will be Monday August 31 at 3:00.

The audition is not difficult, it's just intended to see if you can function in the group, and to guide me as to initial chair placement.  Each audition should take no more than 5 minutes and will consist of two brief components:

  • A chromatic scale, ascending and descending, for the practical range of your instrument. It does not have to be fast; steadiness and accuracy is what we're listening for. Suggested tempo is one count per note, from 100-160 beats per minute. Please slur; trombones use legato tongue.
  • A brief musical excerpt. Click on the appropriate link below to download: Besides pitch and rhythm accuracy, we're listening for attention to musical details.

Audition Sign-Up

Instead of the typical "cattle call," where you show up and wait in line, we'll be having you sign up for a specific time. The slots are only 5 minutes, which is quick; we can't promise that you won't have to wait a little bit, but we'll try to be efficient with the time. The auditions will take place in Hansen Theatre; please enter through the backstage door (just down the steps from room 120). If there's a line, please do your best to maintain appropriate distancing. To sign up for your time, click on this link:

Wind Ensemble Audition Sign-Up

Please note:

  • The sign-up tool we're using is a third-party site. There's no app you have to download, but they do require you to sign in using Facebook or Google or your email address (they do not share this info).
  • When you type in your name, please type in your instrument in the same field.
  • It asks for your phone number, but it's not required.

Live auditions are much preferred, but Zoom auditions will be allowed. You'll still need to sign up using the instructions above. When your time comes, I'll email you a Zoom invitation. If you don't get it, it may mean I don't have your email info, so just email me at and I'll reply with your invitation.