Mathematics Tutor Job Application

In order to apply for a general or math education tutor, you need to have taken (or be enrolled in during spring semester 2022) MATH 262 or MATH 303.

Keep in mind that the tutoring schedule of the first week of classes, will be temporary. In case you are hired, your schedule may change after the first week.

Fall 2022 Application

Please fill out this application completely.

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Note that the tutor lab hours will be dependent upon what courses are offered at what times, and that several tutors will be hired. We will not go beyond your maximum, but you can get less.

Are you eligible for Work Study program at MSUM?
Are you willing to include the tutor job into that program?
Have you worked in the Math Learning Center (2nd floor) or the 3rd floor MSUM Math Department tutor labs in the past?
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