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    At Minnesota State University Moorhead, we provide an educational experience that is both rigorous and relevant. It’s rigorous not only because rigor is a hallmark of higher education, but also because we know that our graduates will face an increasingly complex and challenging world. We’re committed to providing students with the kinds of experiences that will develop the intellectual and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed in that world. We’re also committed to ensuring that our graduates possess the flexibility and adaptability to respond to challenging situations with ingenuity and innovation. At the same time, our students receive a tremendous amount of support from our dedicated faculty and staff. The challenges of a demanding curriculum and dynamic campus environment are embedded within a caring community that has concern for students and their welfare at its core. In short, Minnesota State University Moorhead provides students with both the challenge and the support to discover their passions and achieve their potential. We believe our students—and the world—deserve nothing less.