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  • Credit Transfer and Curriculum

    As a transfer student your biggest concern is probably finding out how many credits actually transfer to your new school and how close are you to attaining your four-year degree. MSU Moorhead makes it easy for CM students to transfer. Most of the required coursework in the Construction Management curriculum is completed during the junior/senior years. There are some required pre-requisite courses that should be taken as part of the General Education requirements at the sophomore level. If you know early on in your college career that you plan to transfer into the CM program at MSU Moorhead, it is best to contact an academic advisor (rachel.axness@mnstate.edu) at MSUM for recommended coursework that can be included as part of the two-year plan at your current academic institution which will maximize your credit transfer.

    Transfer Students with an A.A. Degree

    The Construction Management curriculum is especially suited for Associate of Arts Degree transfer students. In most cases, AA transfers can graduate with two additional years of coursework. However, it really depends on whether you have completed the freshmen/sophomore pre-requisite coursework.

    Although all your general education requirements are completed, you may still be required to complete some general education pre-requisite courses if you have not taken them as part of your AA degree. Required courses for the CM degree include:

    • Physical Science Elective (4 cr)
    • Physical Science Elective (3 or 4 cr)
    • Econ 202 Microeconomics (3 cr)
    • Spch 100 Speech Communications (3 cr)
    • Math 142 Pre-calculus (4 cr) or equivalent

    As a transfer student, the courses listed above can be taken your junior year, but may result in enrolling for an additional semester beyond the required four semesters. For more information concerning transfer evaluation, contact a CM academic advisor (rachel.axness@mnstate.edu).

    Transfer Students with an A.A.S. Degree in Construction

    Specific Articulation Agreements into the CM degree have been formalized with programs from the following institutions:

    • Minnesota State Community and Technical College (Moorhead)
      • Construction Management
    • Minnesota State Community and Technical College (Detroit Lakes)
      • Architectural Drafting and Design
      • Civil Engineering Technology
    • N.D. State College of Science
      • Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology
      • Building Construction Technology
      • Construction Management Technology
    • St. Cloud Technical College
      • Architectural Construction Technology
      • Land Surveying Civil Engineering
    • Northland Community and Technical College (East Grand Forks)
      • Architectural Technology and Design
    • North Hennepin Community College
      • Construction Management
    • Inver Hills Community College
      • Construction Management
    • Mesabi Range Community College
      • Construction Management
    • Hennepin Technical College
      • Architectural Technology
    • Anoka Technical College
      • Architectural Technology
    • Dakota County Community and Technical College
      • Civil Engineering Technology
      • Architectural Technology
    • Minneapolis Community and Technical College
      • Architectural Technology

    Students from these programs can visit with their academic advisors for exact transfer of coursework in accordance with the formal Articulation Agreement.

    For students wishing to transfer to the MSUM CM program from other construction related programs, you should contact the CM academic advisor found at this website. Program content and transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis with a CM advisor.