Donuts with Dragons

for the Dragons at U.S. Bank who could make it, June 13 was greeted bright and early with deliciousness from Sandy’s Donuts. The Donuts with Dragons appreciation event, sponsored by the MSUM Alumni Foundation, celebrated the 200-some Dragons tied to the bank.

Katie Astrup ’99 (finance), district manager for southeast North Dakota at U.S. Bank, began working there her senior year at MSUM, and her connections to the university have stayed strong as a member of the advisory council for the Paseka School of Business and its executive mentoring program.

Astrup said the lessons she learned nearly 20 years ago are still flourishing through the lives of MSUM students and graduates.

“Dragons are typically very hardworking, quick learners. They have a passion for what they do, and they’re motivated to do well,” Astrup said. “They want to look at the big picture and what they can do with the company. They always bring a lot to the table with their perspectives.”

While some alumni know they want to work at a bank after graduating, Deidra Dick ’07 (mass communications) had initially planned on being an event planner, but when she took a job as a teller, her life took a different direction.

“I lived in the Cities after I graduated and was an intern at a zoo. I didn’t get paid right away when I started, so I became a teller at a bank,” Dick said. “I decided to become a full-time teller when I moved back to Fargo because I really enjoyed banking.”

Many Dragons are known for their work ethic, but Aric Anderson ’16 (business administration) believes another standout trait of Dragons is that of inclusion.

“MSUM is so multicultural, and they show that if you’re exclusive, you’re not going to make it very far. The melting pot at MSUM is a really neat thing to see,” Anderson said. “MSUM is the best school in the Tri-College system. Their programs are a cut above the others, and you come out of there proud to be a Dragon.”


Front row (L to R): Deidra Dick, Jessica Lemmerman, Jessica Irish, Patrick Amberson, Courtney Werre and Katie Astrup. Back row (L to R): Tyler Kummeth, Derek Kubicek, Trent Boie, Josh Lingen, Aric Anderson, Joe Lingen and Karl Schnobrich.

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