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  • Students' Frequently Asked Questions

Greek Life

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  • Students' Frequently Asked Questions 

    What is membership recruitment? 

    Membership in a sorority is voluntary and is the result of mutual selection.

    Formal Recruitment is a time set aside, usually once a year, for members and unaffiliated students to become better acquainted.

    Continuous Informal Recruitment also occurs on some campuses throughout the school year. Offers of membership during Informal Recruitment may occur at any time during the process of getting acquainted.

    What does it mean to be a lifelong member?

    When you decide to become a lifelong member of Greek Life, they accept a challenge and a role--that of being a unique individual and a small part of a unique whole. 

    What is my responsibility as a member?

    Each member is expected to maintain the high standards set by their sorority as well as the values established by the founders of the organization.

    Each member is also expected to contribute their own talents to their sorority or fraternity.

    What is my time commitment?

    Each member is expected to meet the set policies of the sorority or fraternity.

    Does it cost a lot of money to join?

    Each sorority or fraternity has certain fixed expenses including dues, new member fees, initiation fees, and housing fees (determined by local campus facilities). An average cost for membership fact sheet is distributed to all potential new members. 

    How are friendships I make in my classes and residence hall going to be different from sorority or fraternity friendships? 

    Membership in Greek Life is a living and learning experience for women and men with shared values and objectives. Chapter members develop a special bond of sisterhood or brotherhood.

    These friendships last beyond the college years and are nurtured by alumnae activities and networking programs that provide opportunities for continued camaraderie, service, and personal development.