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    My phone is dead, what should I do?
    If a phone isn't working, it may be a phone problem, rather than a phone line problem. Try plugging another phone into the outlet first. If it works, you know that you need to replace the phone. If you have a digital phone, try disconnecting the phone for at least 15 seconds to reboot it.

    The display screen on my phone is blank, what should I do?
    Disconnect your phone for 15 seconds to reboot it.

    What should I do if I forgot my voicemail password?
    Email someone remove the existing password so that you can create a new one.

    What should I do if I dial 7000 to get into my voice mail and nothing happens?
    Try disconnecting the phone for 15 seconds to reboot it. After you reconnect you'll be able to access your voice mail. You do not lose messages when you do this.

    What should I do if I can't pick up calls from other phones that ring in my office area?
    You need to activate the call pickup feature. Send an email to Tell her your extension and the extensions you want included in your call pickup group.

    How is my phone bill calculated?
    The cost per extension is averaged out over all phones used at MSUM and is calculated quarterly.
    The Business Office sends a quarterly statement to departments for each extension. Long distance statements are sent out once a month.