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  • Why Join?

Learning Communities

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  • Why Join?

    Learning Communities at MSUM provide outstanding opportunities to increase your academic success. Research shows that students who join Learning Communities attain higher GPAs, develop stronger connections to faculty and peers, are more likely to earn a college degree, and are more likely to take advantage of other opportunities on campus.

    Other benefits of joining a Learning Community include:

    • A close connection to faculty. Faculty members are committed to providing additional experiences outside of the classroom. Getting to know faculty outside of the classroom can help you achieve higher grades, find internships, provide research opportunities, and can help solidify your career goals
    • Expert guidance and mentoring. Each Learning Community has a Dragon Mentor, an upper class student who most likely shares your major, lives on your floor, and can answer questions. Your Dragon Mentor will provide a wide variety of programs which will promote faculty-student engagement, community building and academic support  
    • Common Courses. Learning Community participants register for 2-3 courses that are reserved for other LC participants. All LCs will have common courses for the fall and spring semesters. Students who live together and are enrolled in common courses are more likely to form in-hall study groups which often result in earning better grades.
    • Co-curricular learning. Take advantage of opportunities that are happening within your residence hall, other parts of campus, and within community. Each experience you encounter will help you learn, grow, and develop.
    • Strengthened friendships. Quickly develop close friendships with other first year students by sharing classes, your living space, and by attending events specifically designed for your learning community.

    *Please note that Learning Community participation is an academic year commitment. A $150 fee will be applied to your student account each semester. This fee will provide you with opportunities to attend events in the residence hall, on campus, and within the community. The fee will cover admission to various venues if field trips or site visits are offered, cover the cost of food at various events, and provide you complete access to a Dragon Mentor. Please note that each community differs in programs offered and opportunities vary from semester to semester.The fall fee will not be refunded if you choose to change your major within the first semester, or if you move off of the Learning Community floor to accommodate a new roommate request. If you change your major, it is your responsibility to inform your Dragon Mentor to avoid being charged the spring fee.