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  • Welcome to the Study Abroad website at MSU Moorhead! We’re here to help, whether you have a specific study abroad plan in mind, or simply a desire to go. We offer numerous study abroad options that will enhance your academic and personal goals. You can explore the information on our web site, and stop up to see us in Bridges 250. Call 218.477.2993 or email stdyabrd@mnstate.edu with any questions. We look forward to meeting you.

    Summer faculty-led courses abroad open to all majors:

    Theatre 420: The Theatrical World

    LASC goals 6/8 + WI

    It’s no secret that the list of history’s greatest playwrights and plays runs through London. Discover Shakespeare’s childhood home and the reconstructed Globe Theatre. Theater in London is a must, but you’ll also see a performance in the Bard of Avon’s birthplace in Stratford, paired with an interactive theater workshop. In England, it seems, there’s a story everywhere—and now you can write your own.

    Contact Craig Ellingson for information.

    Anth & Ed 390: Health, Education, and Environment in Tanzania Today

    Elective credits, open to all students, Anth and Ed majors especially welcome

    Besides having the time of your life you'll learn a little bit about what life is really like in Africa. The real Africa is far more complex than the stereotypes and as diverse as anyplace else in the world. Africa is actually a continent comprised of 54 sovereign nations. Tanzania is just one of them but it is big, diverse, and welcoming. It's the perfect place for your introduction to Africa!

    This study tour will include some of the traditional tourist elements. However, it will also expose you to how the vast cultural differences have been united through the use of Kiswahili and the continued legacy of Julius Nyerere's policy of ujamaa. We'll do that by examining how social services such as education and health care have been provided in Tanzania since independence from Britain in 1962.

    Additionally, because it's the cradle of humanity, we'll provide a brief overview of Tanzania's rich prehistory and history. You’ll also be exposed to Kiswahili, the national language of Tanzania and learn about its role as a unifying force promoting a sense of national identity and pride.

    Contact Bruce Roberts (Anth) or John Benson (Ed) for information.