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  • Computer Lab Information

    MSUM offers you access to more than 75 software programs available on computers in our general access labs. Some academic programs require program specific software which are available in certain labs. You can check the schedule for open labs. For a comprehensive list of software provided in each lab please refer to the software PDF listed under each lab list.

    Macintosh Labs PC Labs

    CA 043, CA 151, CA 163, CA 166, CA 167, CB 209, FR 241, FR 245, FR 249, FR 252, FR 254, FR 256, FR 258, HA 201, HA 205, HA 316, HA 404, LI 101, LI 139, LO B04, LO 090, LO 104, MA 262, MU 108

    Mac Software List

    BR 161, BR 362, BR 364, CB 200, CB 209, CB 212, CMU Halls, CMU ROC, HA 117, HA 201, HA 202, HA 206, HA 317, HA 323, HA 324, HA 409, KH 216, LI 101, LI 113, LI 139, LI 208, LI 232, LI Common Area, LA 116, LA 302, LA 306, LO 208, MA 168, MA 169, MA 276, MA 376, MA 384, NZ 206, RSC 118

    PC Software List


    Emergency Call List

    Medical Emergency

    For any medical emergency always call 9-911 from campus phone or 911 from your cell. Once the emergency responders are on the way, call Campus Security at 2449.

    Security Emergency

    If you feel there is a serious threat to safety while working in the lab, you should call Campus Security at 2449.

    Routine Security Contact

    If you would like routine security assistance or an escort to your car or dorm, call Campus Security at 2449.

    Computer System Emergency

    You should consider it a computer system emergency only if a problem affects all the computers in the lab. For example, no one in the lab can print, or no one can log into their email account, or none of the computers can browse the Internet. If you encounter one of these problems, call Campus Security at 2449.