18 Online Course Registration

  • Please note: Consult with your hiring authority prior to registering in order to make certain courses will be approved for your credentialing status.

    You may register anytime after you have received the email from the MSUM Graduate Studies Office confirming your admission has been finalized.

    Reimbursement Instructions for Textbooks

  • Registering for Classes

    Course registration requires a StarID and password.

    If you have not yet set up your StarID:



    1. Browser iconsOpen a web browser; navigate to mnstate.edu/mymsum

    2. Click Current Students

    3. Click eServiceseServices

    4. Click LoginButton - Login

    5. Course SearchEnter your StarID
    6. Enter you StarID password

    7. Click Courses & Registration

    8. Click Search for a Course

    9. Select a Subject or enter a Course Number

    10. For more search options, click Expand/Collapse for Advanced Search

    11. Click on course title for details

    12. Click to Course Add add course to Wish List

    13. Repeat steps 8-12 to add additional courses

    14. Click Review My Plan to edit Wish List

    15. Click to Course check box empty select courses

    16. Choose to Register or Remove courses with Course check box fill

    17. Enter your Access Code and Password, then click Register

    18. Click View/Modify Schedule to edit schedule


    If you have trouble registering please check out Common Registration problems.

  • Dropping or Withdrawing Course(s)

    You may drop (or withdraw from) a course(s) via eServices. If a course is dropped during the first week, it will be removed from your record.

    After the first five days of the semester, you can still withdraw from the course but it will appear on your transcript as a withdrawal. Withdrawing from a course(s) means that you are no longer in the course but the course counts as "attempted" and a grade of "W" is given. STUDENTS THAT WITHDRAW AFTER THE FREE DROP PERIOD WILL BE CHARGED $225.00 PER CREDIT BY LAKES COUNTRY SERVICE COOPERATIVE.

    If you have questions about withdrawing from an 18 Online course, please contact the Graduate Studies Office at MSU Moorhead.