18 Online Admission & Application Requirements

  • Admission Requirement Instructions
    1. Approval from School District and Cooperative

    In order to receive admission for the 18 Online program you will need approval from the following:

    • District Superintendent
    • Lakes Country Service Cooperative OR Northwest Service Cooperative
    • If you are not a member of LCSC or NWSC, please contact Josh Nelson or Jolene King.
    1. Online graduate application

    Submit the Graduate Online Application.
    Under Section 6 Program:

    • Select the option that best describes your current educational goal:
      Choose the first option “Complete courses, but not a degree
    • Which option best describes you:
      Choose “Part Time Student
    • Program – Major/Academic Programs
      Choose “+ Add Program
      From the pull down menu, choose “GRADUATE COURSEWORK ONLY-No degree, GNSD
    • Finish and submit application
    1. Proof of baccalaureate degree (unofficial transcripts accepted)
    1. Log in to the Graduate Online Application site
    2. Select “Check Status”
    3. Look under “Program Specific Requirements”
    4. Click on “Upload Now” button by the Unofficial transcript requirement and upload your unofficial transcript that has proof of your undergraduate degree

    You do not need to order transcripts from MSUM or other MnSCU institutions. See Transcript Policy for more details.

    1. Application Fee

    DO NOT PAY! An application fee of $20.00 may be added to your account. We are waiving the fee for 18 Online students. The waiver is a manual process, so please be patient while we credit your account.

    1. The Graduate Studies Office at MSUM will send you an email confirming that your admission has been finalized. You may register any time after this email is received.

    Please contact the Graduate Studies Office at MSUM at any time if you have questions or concerns.