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  • Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I visit the Write Site?

    Even if you are just getting started on a writing assignment, the Write Site can help.

    • Find assistance with any step in the writing process for all academic levels and majors
    • Receive guidance on individual and group writing projects
    • Discover resources available for MLA, APA, and other documentation formats
    • Use computers to compose and revise assignments
    • Enjoy a positive and friendly atmosphere to learn and improve college level writing skills 

    How do I make an appointment with a tutor? 

    The Write Site is open Monday-Thursday 9:30am-4:30pm and Friday 9:30am-12:30pm. Please visit to schedule an appointment. Walk-in appointments are also offered on a first-come/first-served basis during the Write Site hours and during evening hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8pm-10pm. However, walk-in clients must complete the online registration prior to their appointments. They may do this using one of the Write Site computers. 

    What should I bring to my tutoring session? 

    • All notes, samples or drafts for your assignment
    • The assignment sheet from your instructor
    • Any questions and concerns you have on your writing assignment
    • A pen, pencil, and computer CD, DVD, or thumb drive
    • An open mind to learn and willingness to participate in your tutorial 

    What can I expect from my tutoring session? 

    • A review of the assignment and opportunity to further your understanding of it
    • A discussion of any questions or concerns about the assignment or your writing
    • A reader's response to your paper and guided editing with your tutor
    • A focus on both content and structural level concerns
    • An opportunity to receive constructive feedback and revision suggestions
    • An invitation to continue to use the Write Site and its many resources 

    What can I expect from my writing consultant? 

    Your consultant is a resource to help you improve your writing skills. He or she will offer you constructive feedback on your assignment and suggestions for improvement. Your consultant will not evaluate your paper on a grade scale or write the paper for you. He or she will not be a proofreader or copyeditor. This is your paper. You cannot drop off your paper; you must be present for the tutorial, either in person or online. 

    Can I receive help with my paper online? 

    You can schedule an online consultation with a Write Site tutor when you make your appointment. If your computer is equipped with a microphone and a webcam, you will be able to speak to and see your writing consultant. If your computer does not have a microphone and/or a webcam, no worry - you will be able to discuss your paper in a chat box. Your paper, of course, must be on the computer you are using for the consultation so it may be viewed by your writing consultant.

    Because the Write Site offers online consultations, we can no longer accept email submissions of papers. All consultations will take place either in person or in a synchronous online session.

    Though online consultations are available, research shows that the very nature of online work makes it less efficient and somewhat more difficult than face-to-face consultations. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule an in-person session whenever possible. 

    What other resources does the Write Site offer?  

    Along with tutoring help and guidance on your paper or writing assignments for any major, the Write Site offers many other services.

    • Resource books and materials for many writing problems
      • grammar worksheets
      • style books
      • various documentation resources
    • Tutoring for students for whom English is not a native language
    • Computers for use by MSUM students