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  • Women and Science Certificate
  • Women's & Gender Studies

  • Women and Science Certificate

    The unique Women and Science certificate adds to your major a formal study of the philosophy and equality issues in science, technology, engineering and math. The courses in the certificate program provide an introduction to the emerging field of Science and Technology Studies and feminist science studies. The Certificate can be obtained in combination with any major from the liberal arts curriculum and should be considered when deciding General Education requirements.

    A series of four courses emphasize the equality issues within science, technology, engineering and math:

    1. Any DC 4L course, recommended: BIO 109 Biology Today (4) [DC 4, 4L, 4I]
    2. WS 247 Women's Studies: Perspectives and Intersections (3) [DC7]
    3. BIO 300 Biology of Women (3) [DC4, 4L, 4M]
    4. WS 407 Inclusive Science: Women, Gender, and Science (3) [DC 9]

    The completion of the Women and Science certificate indicates to potential employers that you:

    1. Recognize the importance of diversity to a global marketplace
    2. Can critically read and analyze scientific and science and health-based literature
    3. Organize and synthesize materials in novel ways
    4. Understand why some populations are underrepresented in careers in science and health
    5. Have studied a wide variety of topics rather than one narrow skill area
    6. Are able to think more globally than many other job applicants
    7. Will pay attention to ethical standards in your work
    8. Are sensitive to women's issues that are important in the workplace
    9. Have considered how to improve science and science-related fields by changing the culture and culture and content of practice and knowledge
    10. Are current in studies of contemporary science and health fields

  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    Certificate in Women and Science (13 Credits)


    Students must complete any Natural Science course with Lab and the following three courses:

    WS 247 Women's Studies: Perspectives and Intersections (3)
    WS 300/BIOL 300 Biology of Women (3)
    WS 407 Inclusive Science: Women, Gender and Science (3)