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Office of Campus Sustainability

  • Sustainable Initiatives

    MSUM Achieves Silver Status with STARS!

    In January 2014, the OCS submitted MSUM's sustainability performance report to STARS, the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System.  The system looks at a variety of areas including recycling and sustainability-based classes.  Efforts to become a greener school have been in the works for sometime, and now there's some recognition behind the hard work.  One of the results of the collaborative efforts campus-wide is a 20% reduction in our carbon footprint.

    View highlights of the STARS report.
    View the full report. 

    At any given time, the OCS is engaged in several projects. 

    Current projects under our umbrella include: 

     Sustainable Efforts our Campus has already made:

    • Max-R E-cycler added to Hagen Hall to allow for recycling of batteries, CDs, cell phones and ink cartridges
    • New dual-purpose recycling stations added to the Campus Mall at the end of August 2013
    • New lighting in the pool will save the campus 50,000 kW/h of electricity usage annually.
    • The automated lighting system on campus will increase the efficiency of electricity usage.
    • New water bottle filling stations placed throughout campus help reduce waste from plastics.
    • The new printer limits help limit office paper waste and save the school money.
    • Our campus protects the local watershed by using sand instead of salt to melt the ice. The sand is collected at the end of the year.
    • Collected lawn clippings are composted.
    • Our school has been transitioning away from coal towards natural gas. Half of our current electricity comes from hydroelectric plants.