• Strategic Plan and Academic Realignment

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  • Fulfilling Our Promise

    Strategic Plan

    The updated strategic plan reaffirms our commitment to the MSUM Mission Statement and articulates the core values inherent in that mission. It also articulates a clear vision for the University, including ambitious and aspirational goals. Finally, it outlines the strategic priorities that will guide our planning, budgeting, and decision making for the next five years.

    We will be more focused and more strategic about the programs we offer, the programs we invest in and how we assess their effectiveness.

    The most notable change is greater emphasis on partnering with business and community leaders to ensure we prepare graduates for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, and to ensure we are engaged and relevant in the communities we serve.

    Mission, Values, Visions, Goals

    Academic Departments

    The new academic realignment structure is a strategic effort to align the university with economic and community development needs. It’s a clear signal that we aim to respond to the needs of our external community and business partners.

    Academic Organizational Chart 

    Student Success

    Student success is at the heart of both the strategic plan and arrangement of our academic departments. The organizational structure clusters academic programs in a way that mirrors the occupational clusters our graduates pursue. The strategic plan commits the university to ensuring that students have both the broad-based education and field-specific preparation necessary to succeed in their chosen careers, as well as opportunities to demonstrate their competence and gain practical experience.