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  • Grade Definitions

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  • Grade Definitions

    Incomplete Grades

    The grade of “I” (incomplete) is reserved for students who are unable to complete course requirements within the allotted time for reasons satisfactory to the instructor and who have made arrangements for subsequent completion of coursework. If an incomplete requires substantial class attendance in a subsequent term, the student must register to repeat the course and pay tuition and fees. It is the student's responsibility to meet the instructor's requirements for completing the course. Ordinarily, the incomplete must be made up during the next semester (students receiving financial aid may have specific requirements). When requirements have been met, the instructor will notify the Records Office of the replacement grade. Incompletes which have not been completed by the end of the next semester will become “F” grades.

    In Progress Grades

    The grade of "IP" (in progress) is reserved for special cases when a course is not designed to be completed by the end of the term. When "IP" grades are not made up within the specified time, they automatically become either an “F” (graded courses) or a “NC” (P/N courses). When an "IP" grade is completed, the instructor reports the completed grade to the Records Office using a grade change form. Students completing an "IP" should not re-register for the class.

    Repeating Courses

    When a course is repeated, only the higher grade will be used to compute the GPA. However, repeating a course more than once will result in the removal of only one previous grade from the GPA computation. The subsequent grades will be averaged in the GPA computation. Courses taken for regular A-F grades may not be repeated for Pass-Fail grades. To assure that the GPA is corrected; students must submit a “Repeated Course” form to the Records Office. All course attempts will remain on the permanent academic records. All repeated courses are noted on the transcript to indicate the course was repeated in a following term and excluded from cumulative totals.

    Pass-Fail Courses

    Certain courses which offer insufficient opportunity for graded evaluation may be offered with only the grading options of Pass “P” of Fail “F”. Student teaching, internships, practicums, etc. are usually graded on a pass-fail basis.

    Pass-No Credit Grades

    • Students with sophomore, junior, or senior standing may take courses for Pass-No Credit (PNC) grades in areas outside the major or minor discipline. These courses will not be applied to LASC.
    • Students may take no more than one course per semester for PNC grades. Students may apply up to 16 credits under the PNC option to a baccalaureate degree program.
    • No course which students have previously failed may be repeated under the PNC option.
    • A grade of “P” will be recorded for any course successfully completed under the PNC option. The grade “NC” will be recorded if the course is failed. Credits earned under PNC option will not be included in computing GPA’s.
    • A Pass-No Credit agreement form, available from the Records Office, must be signed by the student and the advisor and returned to the Records Office on or before the tenth class day of the semester. Summer session dates vary based on the length of individual sessions.