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  • University Leadership

Office of the President

  • University Leadership

    Senior Executives

  • Blackhurst, Anne
    Presidents Office

    Office: OW 203
    Phone: 218.477.2243
    Web Site:

  • Brown, Donna
    Assistant VP of Student Affairs/AAO
    Enrollment Management

    Office: OW 203H
    Phone: 218.477.2721
    Web Site:

  • Heckaman, Daniel
    Chief Information Officer
    Information Technology

    Office: LI 203A
    Phone: 218.477.2300
    Web Site:

  • Huth, Laura
    Vice President of Alumni Foundation
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: OW 203J
    Phone: 218.477.2142
    Web Site:

  • Mahoney, Janet
    VP of Finance & Admin
    Finance and Administration

    Office: OW 203F
    Phone: 218.477.2070
    Web Site:

  • Malott, Michelle
    Interim Provost/Vice Pres for Academic Affairs
    Academic Affairs Administration

    Office: OW 206F
    Phone: 218.477.2415
    Web Site:

  • Underdue Murph, Yvette
    VP for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
    Enrollment Management

    Office: OW 206
    Phone: 218.477.2200
    Web Site:

  • Wahlberg, David
    Executive Director for Communications & Marketing
    Marketing & Communications

    Office: OW 203E
    Phone: 218.477.2175
    Web Site:
    As executive director of marketing and communications, I serve on the senior executive team, direct the university's strategic marketing and communications efforts, work on special community projects and serve as university spokesperson. I hold a B.A. in mass communications from MSUM, and an M.S. and a Ph.D. in communication from NDSU. I previously was vice president for marketing and communications at Northland College, Ashland, Wis., and prior to that was executive director for strategic communications at NDSU.

  • President's Cabinet

    Anne Blackhurst,  President
    Michelle Malott, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
    Jan Mahoney, Vice President for Finance and Administration
    Laura Huth, Vice President for Alumni Foundation
    David Wahlberg, Executive Director for Communications and Marketing
    Yvette Underdue Murph, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
    Donna Brown, Chief Diversity Officer
    Jean Hollaar, Associate Vice President of Finance and Administration
    Doug Peters, Director of Athletics
    Daniel Heckaman, CIO/Director of Information Technology
    Marsha Weber, Dean, College of Business and Innovation
    Randy Cagle, Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    OK-Hee Lee, Interim Dean, College of Education & Human Services
    Tim Borchers, Dean, College of Arts, Media and Communication

    Jeff Bodwin, Acting Dean, College of Science, Health and the Environment
    Brittney Goodman, Executive Director of Library Services
    Denise Gorsline, Associate Vice President for Academic Planning
    Jeff Goebel, Physical Plant Manager
    Andrea Kubat, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer
    Karen Lester, Comptroller