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  • B.S. Degree in International Studies
  • Political Science

  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    B.S. Degree in International Studies (120 Credits)

    Core Requirements

    This core is required of all students who major in one of the International Studies emphases: Development or Diplomacy. Students must complete a minimum of one credit in INTL 400 and a minimum of three credits in INTL 450. In addition to the listed courses, students are required to demonstrate proficiency at the second year level in a foreign language. Students may demonstrate their competency by means of an evaluation by the language department, or they must complete college level courses through the 200 level. If course work is required, this may add up to 16 semester credits to the requirements of this major.

    ANTH 110 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)
    ECON 204 Principles of Economics II: Macro (3)
    GEOS 111 Cultures and Regions (3)
    HIST 104 World History I (3)
    HIST 105 World History II (3)
    INTL 101 Introduction to Global Issues (3)
    INTL 400 Global Experience (1-2)
    INTL 450 Senior Project (3-6)
    PHIL 120 World Religions (3)
    POL 160 International Relations (3)
    SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology (3)