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    The Philosophy Department places a high value on diversity of philosophical perspective and upholds argumentation and communication as essential philosophy tools. The curriculum is designed to enhance thinking, reading, writing, and oral presentation skills and consequently, is an excellent complement to a major or minor in another discipline. Students explore a wide variety of advanced topics in addition to core courses in logic, the history of ethics, the history of philosophy, and contemporary metaphysics or theory of knowledge.

    Courses are taught by highly educated and engaged faculty who are balanced in their specializations and philosophical views, including representation of non-Western, feminist, and Continental traditions. Students have the opportunity to closely collaborate with faculty on research projects or through independent studies, and are strongly encouraged to present their philosophical ideas at philosophy conferences funded by the department. Graduates of the program have obtained extremely strong placement records for graduate school and many have graduated from regionally and nationally ranked Philosophy doctoral programs, law schools, and seminaries, and excelled in a wide range of careers.  

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