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  • Internships

    1. Purpose and Objectives

    All paralegal students are required to complete an internship prior to graduation.  The internship is designed to acquaint the student with the actual practice of law by working as a paralegal under the supervision of an attorney.  The student gains experience by applying knowledge from prior classroom training, and the law office gains an eager worker.

    The objectives of the internship experience are:

    • To work under the supervision of a licensed attorney and with others in a law office or agency setting.
    • To apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom, and to develop new skills by being involved in actual cases and projects.
    • To provide the student with important contact with the legal community which may lead to career opportunities.


    2. Prerequisites

    Prior to the internship, the student must satisfactorily complete the following courses and submit the Prerequisite form:

    • Legal Research & Writing II (PARA 251)
    • Civil Procedure I (PARA 310), Interviewing (PARA 325), Legal Ethics (PARA 375)
    • Two courses from your area of emphasis


    In addition, the student must have attained a 2.25 GPA in Paralegal courses and must attend an informational internship meeting before commencing the internship.

    3. Attend an Internship Meeting

    These meetings are held during the first few weeks of the each semester.  The purpose is to explain the requirements and process of the internship.  Former interns attend these meeting to make informal presentations about their experiences and to answer questions from prospective interns.

    4. The Internship Process

    • Find an Internship Site
    • The Interview
    • Paralegal Internship Agreement
    • Register for Internship Credits
    • What to Expect during the Internship
    • Daily Time Sheets and Weekly Activity Reports
    • On-Site Visit
    • Final Report


    5. Supervising Attorney Evaluation

    After your internship is completed, your supervising attorney will be asked to complete and evaluation form, which will be sent out by the faculty internship coordinator.

    6. Attend Internship Meeting

    Returning interns should attend an internship meeting at the beginning of the semester following their internship.

    The purpose is to give an informal presentation to prospective interns and to answer any questions they may have.

    Your presentation should include such things as how you got your internship, the tasks you performed, the most interesting and least interesting aspects, any difficulties you encountered and how they were resolved, how it compared to class work, how you were treated in the office, and any other suggestions or comments you feel would be useful.

    7. Grading

    Grading is on the basis of “P” or “F”.  In most instances, the requirements for the internship will not be completed by the end of the semester, and a grad of “IP” (in progress) will be assigned.  The grade will be changed after all reports and the final paper are submitted.


    Activity Report  
    Past Internship Sites 
    Supervising Attorney Information 
    Reference Request Form