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  • Annual Student Organization Registration & Updates

Office of Student Activities

  • Annual Student Organization Registration & Updates 

    The annual registration process for the 2014-15 academic year will be announced in late August.  

    Step 1

    All organization officers (including President) need to complete - Register
    Note: All officers are required to have a mnstate email account. The OSA will only contact your student organization through a mnstate email account. 

    Step 2

    Organization advisor(s) needs to complete - Register
    Note: Advisors must a current MSUM faculty/staff member. The OSA will only contact you through a mnstate email account.

    After Step 1 and Step 2 are completed, the President must finish the registration process by completing Step 3  

    Organization President - Complete Registration

    Registration Deadline: Tuesday, October 1 by 4pm

    Officer Updates

    Organization Presidents can update their officers and advisor information anytime here 

    Policies/Procedures to Know

    During the Annual Student Organization Registration process, you will read and agree to the following policies/procedures:

    Alcohol and Other Drug Policy
    Campus Publicity Guidelines
    Chalking, Bonfire, and Outdoor Sound Amplification Policy
    Hazing Policy
    Officer GPA and Officer Responsibility
    Public Viewing of Film and Movies Policy
    Student Activity Fundraising Policy
    University Vehicle Usage Policy  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who needs to register? 

    All MSUM student organization officers and advisors must complete the appropriate step(s) to properly register themselves and their student organization. The registration process applies to both currently recognized MSUM student organizations and pending student organizations. 

    Why does our student organization need to register? 

    Your student organization is required to register each fall to renew your recognition status with the University. 

    What if our student organization does not register? 

    Any student organization that fails to register by the deadline will be considered defunct, losing all Recognition Privileges. 

    Who should we contact if we are having problems or if we have a question? 

    Visit the Office of Student Activities in CMU 222, call us at 218.477.2790 or email us at

    Lost Privileges

    Privileges that will be lost if your student organization does not complete the annual registration process by the deadline include:

    1. The use of University facilities, equipment, and services (within MSUM policy guidelines) for purposes relative to organization goals.
    2. Permission to conduct fundraising events and to establish dues for organizational funding that will benefit members.
    3. The right to request funds from the Student Activity Budget Committee (SABC) or to access previously allocated SABC funds.
    4. The right to participate as a group in all-University events.
    5. The use of the University mailing address and/or name and mailbox in the Office of Student Activities.
    6. The establishment of an agency account with the MSUM Business Office for financial transactions or an activities account if the organization is funded by SABC.
    7. Use of office or storage space in the Activities Resource Center (ARC) and the organization boards in the Comstock Memorial Union (CMU).
    8. The right to hold events.
    9. The use of all student organization resources available in the Office of Student Activities.

    Defunct organizations are eligible to apply for re-recognition. The re-recognition process for defunct student organizations is the same process as for new organizations.  

    Still need help? Check out the step by step instructions.