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  • Student Organization Assemblies

Office of Student Activities

  • Student Organization Assemblies

    The Office of Student Activities puts on these mandatory summits so that student leaders have an opportunity to:

    • Get relevant, time sensitive information for their organizations
    • Have an opportunity to network and collaborate with other orgs
    • Hear and learn about their budget and other funding
    • Interact with community members and hear about events in the larger Fargo-Moorhead area
    • Get to meet, know, and interact with the faces behind the emails
    • Give the office of student activities to better get to know you and your organization's needs

    September Organization Assemblies are 5-6:30pm on Tuesday, September 10 and 6:30-8pm on Wednesday, September 11. CMU Ballroom for both dates. A representative from each student organization must attend one. Organizations that fail to attend will be placed on probation status and lose certain rights as an organization. Organization advisors are also encouraged to attend.