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  • Emerging Leaders Application Form

Office of Student Activities

  • Emerging Leaders Application Form Fall 2015


    Year in School:


    T-Shirt Size:

    Please check all sessions you would be available for this semester:


    We ask that you check all sessions that you would be available for so that we can do our best to ensure each session has equal number of participants. The Leadership Graduate Assistant will contact you via email with your assigned session and time. If you have special requests, please let us know below:

    The sessions will start the week of September 21st.

    Agreement statement:
    I understand that this is an 8-week workshop series offered through the Office of Student Activities. This workshop series is currently offered free of charge. I understand that my participation may prevent someone else from joining due to a limited number of seats available in each session. Thus, I agree to attend all the sessions, if I cannot attend a session, I will be responsible and let my facilitator know beforehand and include the reason behind my absence.