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  • Dragon Leadership Program Application

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  • Dragon Leadership Program Application

    In order to apply for the Dragon Leadership Program (DLP), you should have a minimum of 3 semesters remaining until graduation. You'll need to answer the following questions and submit the form below. This will be sent directly to the DLP Advisory Board, who will review your application to ensure that the program is an appropriate complement to your academic experience. Please answer each question completely and look over your answers for correct grammar and spelling before submitting. The DLP Advisory Board will notify you of your application status shortly after the semester's application deadline.

    The deadline to apply for entry into the program is the fourth Friday of each semester. Fall 2015 applications are due on Friday, September 18, 2015. Spring 2016 applications will be due on Friday, February 5, 2016.

    If you have questions, please stop by the Office of Student Activities, CMU 222, or e-mail

    Information About You

    Dragon ID: 
    Expected Semester and Year of Graduation:   
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    Application Questions

    Why are you interested in joining the Dragon Leadership Program?

    How do you define leadership?

    What do you believe are your strengths as they relate to leadership?

    What skills do you hope to improve through your participation in the Dragon Leadership Program?

    Please review your responses and submit below.