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    The forms listed below are to be used when depositing funds into an organization account, applying for funds for a student organization or individual student, or requesting a reimbursement.

    Affidavit for Lost Receipts
    This form is used when receipts have been lost or no receipt was issued at the time a student organization member purchased items for the organization. This form requires the signature and stamp from a Notary Public. Most banks have Notaries on staff.

    Carry Forward Funding Application 
     Form used when a recognized student organization wishes to ask that leftover activity funds from the previous fiscal year be carried into the current fiscal year for use by the organization.

    Deposit Form
    Used to deposit money into a student organization’s activity or local agency account.

    Diversity Event Funds Request

    Gift-In-Kind Form
    Students asking businesses for donations should always offer this form.This form gives businesses an option to receive tax credit for their gift.

    Gift Reconciliation

    Local Account Check Request
    Use this form when requesting a check from any 900xxx, 380xxx or 381xxx campus account. The check is to be requested to pay a business/vendor for items purchased or services rendered.

    Purchase Requisition

    Student Expense Report
    This form is used to request reimbursement to a MSUM student who incurred expenses on behalf of their recognized student organization. The expense may be for any allowable supplies, service or travel expense. The student may only be reimbursed if the organization incurring the expense has a valid activity account or local agency account.

    Student Travel Authorization

    Supplemental Funding Application
    A form used by fully recognized student organizations to request emergency or additional operating funds or special event funds for use during the current fiscal year.**This form is not used for travel funds (see Travel Funding Application).

    Sustainable Campus Initiative Funds Request

    Travel Funding Application
    This form is used by recognized student organizations or individual students, to request funding for travel outside a 35 mile radius of Moorhead/Fargo. Travel expenses must be related to the operations of a student organization or academic in nature if an individual.