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Operations Management

  • Operations Management Internship

    A required internship gives students valuable, real-world experience and the opportunity to develop their project management and supervisory skills under the guidance of an Operations Management professional within their technical field of expertise. Students are responsible for securing their own internship so the possibilities are endless and flexible. Students can complete their internship in one of three ways:

    • Current Employer – Internships may be completed with a current employer as long as the internship objectives match the coursework studied in the Operations Management program.
    • Prospective Employer – Students may apply for specific internship positions at any company that has Operations Management opportunities.
    • First Professional Job – Students may complete their internship upon being hired for a professional Operations Management related position.

    Nearly 100 students have completed internships across the United States. However, most students intern in the tri-state area in industries such as construction, education, healthcare, electronics, HVAC, manufacturing, technology, transportation and utilities. Many employers consider internship experience in the hiring process and often look to their own interns as the best candidates for full-time positions.

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