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  • Music Education Major - Instrumental Option
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  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    B.S. Degree in Music Education - Instrumental Music Emphasis (136 Credits)

    Core Requirements

    Students must select an option in either Instrumental Music Education or Vocal Music Education.

    MUS 107A Theory I (2)
    MUS 107B Aural Skills I (1)
    MUS 108A Theory II (2)
    MUS 108B Aural Skills II (1)
    MUS 207 Theory and Ear Training III (3)
    MUS 208 Theory and Ear Training IV (3)
    MUS 300 Conducting and Instrumentation (3)
    MUS 303 Western Traditions to 1750 (3)
    MUS 304 Western Traditions: 1750-1900 (3)
    MUS 305 Western Traditions Since 1900 (3)
    MUS 307 Theory and Ear Training V (3)
    MUS 316 World Music Survey (3)


    Students in this major must pass piano and guitar proficiency exams and present a recital. A student teaching qualifying exam, taken the semester prior to application to student teaching, must be passed before a student teaching assignment is arranged. Due to the student teaching internship and state-mandated licensure components for this degree, there are more credits required than the 120 ordinarily needed for a Bachelor’s of Science degree. Usually students will need one semester beyond four years or enrollment in one or more summer sessions to complete this degree. In addition to the courses listed, students must earn twelve credits of performance study on the principal instrument, two of which must be at the 300 level or above; two credits of piano performance study which may include Class Piano III and/or IV; and seven credits of instrumental ensemble, two credits minimum for large ensembles and two credits minimum for small ensembles. Students must also participate in at least one semester of a choral ensemble.

    MUS 231 Methods for Teaching Woodwinds I (1)
    MUS 232 Methods for Teaching Woodwinds II (1)
    MUS 233 Methods for Teaching Brass Instruments (1)
    MUS 234 Methods for Teaching String Instruments (1)
    MUS 235 Methods for Teaching Percussion (1)
    MUS 236 Guitar and Recorder for Teaching Music (1)
    MUS 333 Teaching General Music K-12 (3)
    MUS 335 Teaching School Band and Orchestra (2)
    MUS 375 Instrument Conducting (2)
    MUS 450 Student Recital (1)

    Related Requirements

    ( Credits)
    Students must meet all teacher licensure requirements for this major.