• Commercial Ensembles


  • Commercial Ensembles

    Composed of both music and non-music majors, Commercial Ensembles perform each semester at MSUM. This ensemble credit often serves as a launching pad/rehearsal platform for groups that eventually seek to perform and tour across the region under their own direction. Each band auditions as a unit for acceptance into the program at the beginning of each semester. Once accepted, they are given access to MSUM music facilities and are given an opportunity to present one on-campus performance each semester (via audition) under the guidance of Dr. Michael Krajewski.

  • Krajewski, Michael
    School of Performing Arts

    Office: CA 102
    Phone: 218.477.2101
    Email: michael.krajewski@mnstate.edu
    Web Site: web.mnstate.edu/krajewski/
    Guitar, Jazz Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Combo, Improvisation, Aural Skills, Commercial Music, Music Industry and Music Technology