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  • B.S. Degree in Music Education
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  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    B.S. Degree in Music Education (136 Credits)

    Admission Requirements

    Selective Admission and Retention in Teacher Education (SARTE)


    4 points

    3 points

    2 points

    1 points

    0 points

     Cum GPA

    3.4 and above

    3.39 – 3.0


    2.89 – 2.8

    GPA lower than 2.8

    ED 294







    Sped 225






    ED 205




    A grade of at least a C is required for these 3 courses. If a student does not meet this requirement, SARTE admission will be denied.


    ED 205 Dispositions (Instructor)

    No concerns

     Notice of concern. This is giving a student notice that a disposition needs improving.                       


    Concern. This would happen when you have given notice and no improvement was made.

    Serious and/or Multiple Concerns

    ED 205 Dispositions (practicum)

    21 pts and above and no 1s in any category    

    18-20 pts and no 1s in any category

    15-17 pts and no 1s in any category

    12-14 pts and no 1s in any category

    Below 12 and/or receive a 1 in any category

    MTLE Basic Skills

    Passed all 3

    Passed 2; Failed 1 with score > 210

    Passed 1; Failed 2 with score > 210

    Failed all 3 or received a score < 210 on one or more.

    Took exams

    Personal Initiative

    HS/College extracurr, military, community service, 2nd career, etc.[IT1] 

    Extensive and ongoing


    Every now and then

    Once or twice

    No experience

     [IT1]The teacher candidate and the person who supervised their experiences will determine  if the experience is extensive and ongoing, regular, every now and then…….etc. A signed document will be required.

    Candidates scoring 70% (23 points) or more of the total possible points would be fully admitted to teacher education.
    Candidates scoring 60-70% (20-22 points) would not be admitted, but would have an automatic appeal of the decision, heard by the T-CaRe team.
    Candidates scoring below 60% (below 20 points) could appeal if desired, but this would not be automatic. An appeal request would come from the candidate & heard by the T-CaRe Team.

    Teacher Candidates are required to have a grade of at least a C- in each of the required courses in the major except ED 205, ED 294, and SPED 225 for which they need to have at least a C. Also, Teacher Candidates are required to pass all 3 MTLE basic skills exams at application for student teaching. Applications are due at the beginning of the semester before student teaching. For Fall Student Teaching: February 15 / for Spring Student Teaching: September 15.


    Core Requirements

    Students must select an option in either Instrumental Music Education or Vocal Music Education.

    MUS 107A Theory I (2)
    MUS 107B Aural Skills I (1)
    MUS 108A Theory II (2)
    MUS 108B Aural Skills II (1)
    MUS 207 Theory and Ear Training III (3)
    MUS 208 Theory and Ear Training IV (3)
    MUS 300 Conducting and Instrumentation (3)
    MUS 303 Western Traditions to 1750 (3)
    MUS 304 Western Traditions: 1750-1900 (3)
    MUS 305 Western Traditions Since 1900 (3)
    MUS 307 Theory and Ear Training V (3)
    MUS 316 World Music Survey (3)