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    The Mathematics Department offers a broad, in-depth curriculum for exploring all aspects of mathematics – including quantities, changes, abstraction, structure and space – through small, engaging classroom settings. Within the department there is a great sense of discovery and collaboration as students and faculty are active in research, journal publication, conference presentations, mathematics competitions and many have received distinguished awards and recognition.


    is an integral part of the program and is incorporated into coursework as well as ongoing, unique research solutions outside of the classroom. In addition to collaborative research projects with faculty, students are highly active in the Math Club where they have the opportunity to discuss mathematics, solve problems and participate in social activities. A dedicated tutoring facility, great professor accessibility and the encouragement of open discussions in the classroom all contribute to a nurturing and supportive learning environment that lends a deep exploration of mathematics. Graduates are poised to excel in graduate programs and have become highly successful alumni who are skilled educators, actuaries, engineers, financial mathematicians and more.

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  • Wally Sizer, mathematics, presented paper at Progress on Difference Equations 2014 conference

    Wally Sizer, mathematics, attended the Progress on Difference Equations 2014 conference May 21-24 in Izmir, Turkey, and presented the paper, “The Equation x(n+1) = ([x(n)]^k)/x(n-1)”. The conference was attended by about 100 mathematicians from Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America.

    Mike Miller, Mathematics, and students presented “No Borrowing Allowed!”

    Mike Miller, Mathematics, and Elementary Education majors Anna Adrover and Trista Bentler presented “No Borrowing Allowed!” at the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference in Duluth on Friday, May 2nd. The presentation involved three alternative strategies to the standard subtraction algorithm.

    Tim Harms and students presented talk at Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics Spring Conference

    Dr. Tim Harms, along with students Monica Maus, Joanna Rogness, Holly Amundson, & Ashley Borchardt presented a talk titled “Technology Tools for Secondary Mathematics” at the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics Spring Conference in Duluth, May 3rd, 2014.

    Tim Harms, Mathematics, awarded $3,500 in tuition assistance by US Math Recovery Council

    Tim Harms, Mathematics Department, has been awarded tuition assistance for Add+VantageMR® Champion training in Apple Valley, MN, June 23-27, 2014. Dr. Harms was one of three educators selected to receive $3,500 by the US Math Recovery Council for Math Recovery Summer Institute registration.

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