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  • B.A. Degree in English and Mass Communications
  • Mass Communications

  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    B.A. Degree in English and Mass Communications (120 Credits)

    Core Requirements

    ENGL 200 Introduction to Literary Studies (3)
    ENGL 211 Major British Writers I (4)
    ENGL 212 Major British Writers II (4)
    ENGL 371 Survey of American Literature I (4)
    ENGL 372 Survey of American Literature II (4)


    (21 Credits)

    MC 100 Introduction to Mass Media (3)
    MC 210 Media Writing (3)
    MC 220 Layout and Typography I (3)
    MC 230 Photography (3)
    MC 300 International Communications (3) or
    MC 302 History of Mass Communications (3)
    MC 400 Mass Media Ethics and Issues (3)
    MC 401 Communications Law (3)

    Restricted Electives

    (13 Credits)

    Students must choose ten credits from the listed English courses and must also choose a three credit mass communications course from those listed.

    ENGL 285 Scriptwriting (4)
    ENGL 288 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
    ENGL 354 Non Fiction Writing (3)
    ENGL 387 Technical Report Writing (4)
    ENGL 388 Creative Writing (3)
    ENGL 395 Theory and Methods of Tutoring (3)
    ENGL 487 Advanced Technical Report Writing (4)
    MC 306 Advertising Copywriting (3) or
    MC 307 Writing for Public Relations (3) or
    MC 308 Broadcast Journalism (3) or
    MC 309 Reporting (3)


    Students must take 10 elective credits in English courses and 9 elective credits in Mass Communications courses. At least nine of the English elective credits must be at the 300 level or above. Further, at least one course must be in American literature and at least one course must be in British literature. The English electives should be chosen in close consultation with an advisor from the English department. The Mass Communications electives must also be chosen in close consultation with a faculty advisor in the School of Communication and Journalism department.