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    Community Location

    This community is historically located in Grantham Hall.


    You should live in this community if you have held previous leadership positions, are planning to get involved on campus, and are interested in developing your personal leadership skills.


    The Leadership Learning Community will provide students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills through personal exploration and refection. As they work to define their own leadership style. During the fall semester Leadership  LC residents will participate in the Emerging Leaders program, an eight week leadership seminar series which fulfills a requirement of the Dragon Leadership Program. Some workshop topics include leadership theory, personal assessment, and how to maximize personal strengths. Join this community to jump start your involvement on campus and within the local community!


    As a member of the community, you will...

    •  Live with other students who are interested in leadership development
    •  Take two classes with students who live on your floor
    •  Participate in an 8-week long Emerging Leaders seminar series

    •  Select and choose a local organization to provide community service throughout the year

    •  Have an upperclass students as a Dragon Mentor who is highly involved within the campus community

    •  Network with faculty, be introduced to staff and peers who are committed to helping you become a leader

    •  Be introduced to the Dragon Leadership program and begin working to fulfill requirements

    •  Gain exposure to the Dragon Leadership Program and various clubs/organizations on campus  

    Required Common Courses


     CMST 100 Speech Communication

     LASC Goal Area 1A: Oral Communication (3 credits)


      PHIL 120 World Religions  

     LASC Goal Area 6 and 7:  Humanities and Human Diversity (3 credits)


     PDEV 207: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People  

     (2 credits)

    Office of Student Activities site:

     *Contains more information about campus leadership opportunities