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  • Diversity in Action Community

    You should live in this community if you are interested in exploring your personal identity and looking to help to create an equitable society.

    Diversity in Action reflects the diverse world in which we live by providing students of any major opportunities to meaningfully engage with diversity in myriad forms. Discover your passion for creating and living in diverse and inclusive communities while learning about the connections between diverse identities and social justice. 

    As a member of the community, you will...

    • live with other students who are interested in exploring one’s own and learning about others’ diverse racial, ethnic, gendered, and sexual identities.
    • take three classes with students who live on your floor that engage with study of diversity in our world.
    • work closely with award winning faculty and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to take part in events, lecture series, and civic engagement on campus and in local Moorhead-Fargo communities.
    • have a Dragon Mentor dedicated to providing you with various opportunities to explore your identity and learn about other social justice issues.

    Required Common Courses:

    CMST 100 Speech Communication
    LASC Goal Area 1A: Oral Communication (3 credits)
    The theory and practice of oral communication in public and interpersonal situations, stressing both content and delivery

    WS 100 Women Today: Contemporary Women’s Issues (Fall)
    LASC Area (6, 6M, 7, 7I)
    This course will examine current issues affecting women in American Society. It also addresses pertinent topics related to gender, diversity and systems of inequality. Topics include women and work, family, law and social policy, gender and mass media, violence against women, sexuality and the body, and women's health. MnTC Goal 6 and 7.

    Fall Course 2
    Will be determined at a later time.

    WS 269 Global Sexualities in Pop Culture (Spring)
    LASC Area (8)
    This course traces the popular representations of diverse sexual and gender identities in a global context. We will explore the cultural constructions of sexuality and gender in mainstream, independent, and feminist film, television, print media, fashion, music and material culture from the perspective of the local and global through the lenses of their cultural, social, political, and ideological functions. Our emphasis will be on contemporary popular cultures in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe through theories of sexuality, gender, race, and the workings of power in global culture industries.

    Community Location

    This community is historically located in South Snarr Hall.