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  • Biosciences/Chemistry Community 

    You should live in this community if you are a declared biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or biotechnology major.

    Exclusively for students majoring in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry & Biotechnology, this community provides outstanding opportunities to learn and participate in hands-on labs with fellow students and faculty which will build a solid foundation for pursuing a science or health-related career.

    As a member of the community, you will...

    • live with other students who have declared biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or biotechnology as a major.
    • take two classes and a lab with students who live on your floor.
    • be able to participate in organized study groups for Learning Community participants.
    • have a Dragon Mentor dedicated to providing you with various opportunities and support.
    • be exposed to career options that you will have with an science related degree.
    • interact with faculty members who are dedicated to helping you achieve excellence in the classroom and beyond.

    Required Common Courses:

    BIOL 116 Organismal Biology
    Major Requirement (4 credits)
    This course will address biological diversity, primarily in plants and animals. Organismal diversity will be presented within an evolutionary context. Relationships between form and function as well as relationships of organisms to their environments will be addressed. Lab included.

    BIOL 115 lab Organismal Biology Lab
    Major Requirement

    BIOL 100 Issues in Human Biology
    General Education Requirement (3 credits) & LASC Goal Area 2: Critical Thinking
    Human biology is a wide field that includes human physiology, genetics, medical studies and how humans impact the environment. We are bombarded with information about everything from green tea to intelligent design. Our students will be the scientific resources for their families and peer groups; they need to know how to wade through non-science to get to the facts. This course uses data and "news" to teach students how to properly sift through all this material and logically draw conclusions based on fact. MnTC Goal 2.

    Community Location

    This community is historically located in East Snarr.