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  • Art/Art Education Community

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  • Art/Art Education Community

    You should live in this community if you are a declared Art or Art Education major.

    Join this community to strengthen your passion for art, utilize creative collaboration and production skills, build critical analysis abilities and learn from our dedicated, award-winning faculty.

    As a member of the community, you will...

    • live with other students who have declared Art or Art Education as a major.
    • interact with faculty members who are dedicated to helping you achieve excellence in art, the classroom, and beyond.
    • take three classes with students who live on your floor.
    • have a Dragon Mentor dedicated to providing you with various opportunities and support.
    • be exposed to career options that you will have with an Art degree.
    • be provided with opportunities to visit local galleries.
    • have the opportunity to put some of your work on display within the hall.
    • be able to meet upper-class art residents living within your residence hall.

    Required Common Courses

    Art 101 Basic Drawing 1
    Major Requirement (4 credits)
    Introduction to visual elements through various drawing media, emphasizing accurate observation of still-life, nature and the figure.

    Art 125 Foundation Design 1
    Major Requirement (4 credits)
    Introduction to elements and principles of visual language, color, form/shape, line, space and texture as they relate to basic design.

    HUM 101 Humanities Through the Arts
    LASC Goal Area 6: Humanities and Fine Arts (3 credits)
    An introductory, chronological examination of the arts, focusing on representative works of the Western tradition with reference to historical, literary, and other cultural developments, as well as non-Western parallels. MnTC Goal 6.