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    MSUM Planetarium
    Show Length: 40-45 minutes
    Admission: Matinees $5, Evenings $8
    Note that since this is a special event, we cannot accept planetarium passes or SaveCoin vouchers. Shows start promptly. Due to the darkened environment, there will be no late admission or readmission for audience members who leave during the show.


    Poster - LasermaniaWhen it's time to just rock-out and have a good time, Lasermania is the ticket. Enjoy a pure sensory adrenaline rush with a collection of the most current rock and pop hits available in any laser show on the planet. Lasermania is the pinnacle of high energy laser light shows, guaranteed to have audiences dancing in their seats. 

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    Laser Beatles

    Poster - BeatlesThe Beatles never looked so good. Whether in the mood for a mind-warping ride on a yellow submarine or just looking for an excuse to twist and shout, the Laser Beatles classic rock laser show has something for everyone. Featuring fifteen Beatles classics, such as Hard Day's Night, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Yesterday, and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, this is considered by many to be the most spellbinding Beatles laser show ever. 

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    Laser U2

    Poster - U2Ready for some laser-induced Vertigo? Be immersed into some of the most influential rock and roll of the last generation courtesy of the boys from Dublin. Laser U2 is a techno-fusion of laser light and mainstream rock with a hint of blues and punk for some extra kick. Spanning three decades, songs like Where the Streets Have No Name, Beautiful Day, Desire, and Vertigo are brilliantly illustrated in vibrant laser light. 

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    Laser Pink Floyd

    Poster - Pink FloydLaser Pink Floyd is the ultimate fusion of classic rock music and dancing coherent light. Embark on an out-of-body experience as dazzling lasers visually interpret forty-five minutes of Pink Floyd's most timeless musical journeys. Drift weightlessly among haunting laser landscapes and 3-D laser renderings as you experience such classics as One of These Days, Comfortably Numb, Money, and Wish You Were Here like never before. 

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    Laser Led Zeppelin

    Poster - Led ZepplinGet the Led out as lasers weave a monolithic Zeppelin experience for diehards that is a feast for both eyes and ears. Transcend time and space with laserized versions of classic Zeppelin such as the Immigrant Song, Over the Hills and Far Away, Heartbreaker, Rock and Roll, Dazed and Confused, Whole Lotta Love, and of course, Stairway to Heaven. The melding of musical and photonic troubadours has never been purer. 

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    Lasers in Space

    Poster - SpaceDiscover how lasers are transforming the study of astronomy and space exploration. Explore how lasers fired high into the atmosphere are now letting ground-based telescopes see distant galaxies clearly, a feat thought impossible only a few years ago. Learn why today's most advanced robotic space probes now carry laser-powered instruments, including the first 'laser gun,' to map the surface of other planets and to sniff-out the chemical composition of outer space. Along the way take a few brain breaks and enjoy some of today's most out-of-this-world tunes set to dazzling laser-light. 

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    American Pride Laser Spectacular

    Poster - American PrideCelebrate America's unquenchable spirit of innovation, discovery, and exploration with the American Pride Laser Spectacular, a dazzling musical and laser extravaganza that highlights several US historical events. This program is a great spirit boost anytime, especially at those times of the year when it's important to take a moment to remember that freedom is earned through sacrifice. America's diversity is her strength, and American Pride celebrates that theme with an exciting mix of mainstream patriotically-oriented songs and current popular/rock music. 

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    Summer Laser Jam

    Poster - Summer JamSick and tired of the cold? Wish you were somewhere warm and tropical, even just for an hour? Well, look no further! Summer Laser Jam is the show for you! Summer Laser Jam is a fun laser show featuring pop/rock music that evokes images of warm sunny beaches and cool sea breezes. The ultimate laser beach party, Summer Laser Jam goes where no other laser show has ever gone before - on summer vacation. The show's laser characters, animations, and music are all family-friendly, making Summer Laser Jam an ideal program for people of all ages! Put on your virtual sunglasses and flip-flops and join us for some winter fun in the sun! 

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    Laser Safari     

    Poster - SafariCast off on an incredible ecological adventure that explores the secrets of two amazing ecosystems, the African Serengeti and South America's Amazon Rainforest. Laser Safari recreates these intriguing corners of the world in dazzling laser light in order to study their unusual climates and strange inhabitants. With the aid of Professor Percy Bristlebrow and L.U.C.I.E, the world's only Laser Unified Computer and Interactive Entity, audiences of all ages are sure to have a fun and informative experience.  

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    Please Note:

    • Laser shows are not recommended for very young children.
    • Laser shows feature loud music and dramatic lighting and may not be suitable for some visitors.
    • Strobe lights and special effects in laser light shows may cause seizures in certain individuals. If you have any concerns or questions about the show’s content or nature, please ask the operator/educator before the program begins. For your safety, and the safety of others, there is no admission or re-admission after a laser show has begun.