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  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    B.A. Degree in East Asian Studies - Language and Culture (120 Credits)

    Core Requirements

    This core is required of all students who major in one of the East Asian Studies emphases: Language and Culture, Humanities, and Business. All students must complete Chinese 132 and Japanese 142. Additionally, students must complete the Chinese 101, 102, 201, 202 sequence or the Japanese 101, 102, 201, 202 sequence. Students may not count courses in more than one category; if a course satisfies the Core Requirements section, it may not also be used to satisfy a requirement in any of the emphases. No courses in the Core Requirements or the emphases may be taken Pass/No Credit.

    CHIN 132 Introduction to Chinese Culture (3)
    JAPN 142 Introduction to Japanese Culture (3)

    CHIN 101 Beginning Chinese I (4)
    CHIN 102 Beginning Chinese II (4)
    CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese I (4)
    CHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese II (4)
    JAPN 101 Beginning Japanese I (4)
    JAPN 102 Beginning Japanese II (4)
    JAPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I (4)
    JAPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II (4)

    Restricted Electives

    Students must complete four credits from the listed history courses (students may not use courses taken previously to satisfy the Related Requirements section). Students must also complete eight credits in advanced language/culture study in the listed Japanese or Chinese courses (students may satisfy part or all of the language/culture requirement via approved study abroad programs).

    CHIN 301 Advanced Chinese Grammar (4)
    CHIN 302 Chinese Conversation and Composition (4)
    CHIN 390 Topics in Chinese Language, Literature and Culture (1-4)
    CHIN 397 Independent Study in Chinese - Advanced Level (1-3)
    HIST 301 East Asian History I (3)
    HIST 302 East Asian History II (3)
    HIST 346 Modern China (3)
    HIST 347 Modern Japan (3)
    HIST 401 Senior Seminar (3-4)
    HIST 497 Independent Study (1-3)
    JAPN 301 Advanced Japanese Grammar (4)
    JAPN 302 Japanese Conversation and Composition (4)
    JAPN 390 Topics in Japanese Language, Literature and Culture (1-4)
    JAPN 397 Independent Study in Japanese: Advanced Level I (1-3)

    Related Requirements

    (6 Credits)

    Students must take HUM 320 and must also select one additional course from the list.

    HIST 301 East Asian History I (3)
    HIST 302 East Asian History II (3)
    HIST 346 Modern China (3)
    HIST 347 Modern Japan (3)
    HUM 320 Humanities East and West (3)